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Because Santa elves suck
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There will be more coming up throughout the whole year!

Tales of Mirehliah

What is this?

Tales of Mirehliah is an original story, starting to develop since 2001 by me, Kim-SukLey. As of now, it does not contain any published written work, but has some character development art available to view.



:CAT: by 8-BitSpiderHow long have you been drawing?
I've always drawn, but began to do it non-stop in 2005.

:CAT: by 8-BitSpiderWhat do you use for digital art?
I use a basic Lenovo desktop, 4gb RAM, 1 Intel core at 2.0 ghz. The program I use to paint is Easy Paint Tool SAI, aided by a Bamboo Splash digital pen tablet in the small size. This tablet is no longer available.

:CAT: by 8-BitSpiderWhat colors do you use for traditional art?
I use Prismacolor Premier colored pencils, as well as Prismacolor Scholar. Premier are far better, but if you're a beginner, you can make due with Scholar.

:CAT: by 8-BitSpiderWhy do you only draw guys, can't you draw girls?
I can draw both men and women, I just prefer guys for my art.


All encompassing fate, how it wrenches our hearts, torments our souls, and sings us all to sleep to an eternal keep... no matter what beliefs, it sweetly sings us all.

-The Agonist, And their Eulogies Sang me to Sleep.

SHC, Scattered Heart Chain

Scattered Heart Chain- Chapter 16 pt. 1The Legend of Link
Scattered Heart Chain
Chapter 16
Tale of the Masked man
Across the mirror, there was nothing but void, and echoed the sound of silence. Time lapsed, perhaps a few seconds, even hours. In the absence of any light or warmth from the sun, telling the fluency of life was impossible. There, rested on the cold, damp floor a young man, only one of two. Confused, he looked up. There was nothing. An oppression set in his stomach, his senses were sharpened; the tips of his fingers became a bed for claws, and his teeth refined as sharp as blades.
He had become a beast.
Twi wondered the reasons behind the revival of the creature who inhabited within his soul, but more he desired to know why he was alone. He pressed his long nose against the ground, then, lifted it to the air. The scent of Time had never been there.
From his mind, he tried to recall the most comforting smell, a fresh mixture of pine, wood, and newly cut grass,
Scattered Heart Chain- Chapter 16 pt.2IV
Only the echoing of Twi’s paw steps was heard as he traveled in the look of Time in the Dark World. It was a mystery how long it had been, and with the poorest of dimmed lights as guide, he felt himself running in circles. Far off, the same occurred for Deku Time, who was also disgusted by his appearance.
    ¾    It appears you are not that much of a listener—said an appearing dark figure before Twi—I can clearly see only you, dog boy, and pretty-face Time came here.
Twi growled and curled his body tight as he showed sharp fangs.
    ¾    Calm down, you little beast—he threw an object at the animal—sniff that.
More tranquil, Twi smelled the object. It was the scent of the man he looked for.
    ¾    Heh. That glow in your eyes; you love the scent, don’t you, darling?
The wolf was triggered by the use of such word.

What is Scattered Heart Chain?

Scattered Heart Chain (SHC) is a fanfiction novel with its roots in the Legend of Zelda franchise, written by Kim-SukLey since 2013. In this universe, the Links from various eras are called by the spirit of the Master Sword at sight of new danger. As these men meet, they journey on the discovery of new lands, but to their surprise, they encounter more phases of themselves. The Dark Link, also known as kniL due to their inverted writing of the Hylian language, long and live for the Links' demise. Their desire is not empty, however. As humans of the Hylian race, the Link contain, within their chests, a heart container filled with an energy known as Glow. The kniL, possessors of an empty container, are only fed by the need of Glow, therefore following Link in hopes of taking the vital energy.
As too, live the Auroras, Link's light counterpart. The Auroras inhabit the land of Lorule, and as the kniL, they carry no more than void within their hearts.
The three alternate universes collide in this story, resulting in the realization of their meanings as living creatures, their mission, and the crisis yet to come in the search of the energy within hearts.

Just pick one and pretend you don't see a pattern: 

41 deviants said Rosalina ( Super Mario Galaxy)
35 deviants said Lillie (Pokémon Sun/Moon)
23 deviants said Princess Peach (Super Mario)
16 deviants said Lusamine (Pokémon Sun/Moon)
11 deviants said Elsa (Frozen)
9 deviants said Barbie (You know her, do you really need this parentheses?)


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SoulEater-Lucifer Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2017  Hobbyist
Yees plz. 
You have my permition to do a video of it. :heart:
FoxyofGrey Featured By Owner May 14, 2017
Sidon where?
Kim-SukLey Featured By Owner May 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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Audinitia Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017  Student General Artist
I am a watchers of yours and I feel that sometimes I am like a phantom watcher and don't comment much because it's just how I am but well...

I adore your art, i adore how you portrait it and to me, you are a big inspiration. I love how you portrait it, I like how daring it can be, how you try out different styles, how you color, sketch, your ideas, I feel you are kind person that I just can't wait when I see a new drawing of yours in my watch feed!

Keep on drawing dem Links! :)
Kim-SukLey Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! Thank you for taking your time to write these kind words to me :aww: specially considering it's not something you usually do. It means a lot!
I'm glad you find some inspiration in my work, this encourages me to continue practicing to become better at what I do.

Many thanks :bow:
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