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"Love is all, love is you..."
-The Beatles, Because


" It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles."


Ordon Link!
Mon Feb 23, 2015, 7:01 AM
Draw Vaati he's such a cutie :3
Wed Feb 18, 2015, 9:24 PM
Please draw link as a twili? just askin, you dont have to
Sun Feb 1, 2015, 2:37 PM
What should I draw next?
Fri Jan 30, 2015, 1:33 AM


Alti? by Kim-SukLey
If I call ALBW Link Albi, should I call ALTTP Link Alti?

Remember to sopport me and my art at Patreon:…

Love you guys! And I've missed you a lot ;_;

A short part of the process here:…


    -          I am… worried- Said Engi, as he waited for Ravio or anyone else to come back to Lin’s place on his own.

The house was deadly silent.

    -          How did we get here? - He looked around- We haven’t made it to the Dark World yet and we are already having changes in this story. What will happen then? - He glanced at the mirror on the wall.

He held the note Ravio had left carefully within his hands.

    -          You can feel it, right? - Asked someone.

    -          Green?

He sat by Engi’s side.

    -          Something is wrong. I can feel it too.

    -          Ravio left suspiciously and left this note here. He told me to take care of it and return it when he came back- He headed his look through a window- He’d be back by sunset.

    -          Why would he leave a note for himself? Will he be forgetting something?

    -          Gee… I really have no idea.

    -          You miss him, don’t you?

    -          I miss them both.

    -          You are talking about Albi?

    -          Yes. Technically, he’s not completely gone. Ravio kept his heart, so that way, we might have a chance to help him, I think.

Green did not reply.

    -          Hmm… you know- Continued Engi- He told me to keep a promise. I wants me to take care of Albi once he’s back.

    -          Shouldn’t he be able to do that?

    -          That’s what I thought, but by the way he said it, it was as if he’d be gone by that time.

    -          Because I will, Mr. Engineer.

Both Green and Engi stood up and turned around.

    -          You are here earlier- Said Green.

    -          It took me less time than expected to get my errands done- Said Ravio.

    -          What’s up with the rabbit hood? We already know what you look like- Made clear Engi.

    -          No, you don’t.

Green and Engi stared, mind puzzled.

    -          Remember the promise you are keeping, Engi- Reminded Ravio.

    -          I’ll keep it. Don’t worry about that.

    -          But what do you mean you’ll be gone? - Questioned Green.

    -          With Link’s heart in my body, I am afraid I don’t have much time left. I gave my older sister a visit, and also went to my Aurora friends, however, I hid inside the hood until now. It was too risky.

He placed his hands on each side of his large rabbit cap, lifting it up.

    -          It’s almost done.

Green and Engi could not believe what they were seeing: half of Ravio had his dark purple hair, the other side was blonde. His eyes, too, had changed, one green and one blue.

    -          Ravio, what did you do? - Asked Engi.

    -          I became a vessel for Link. Soon, I will be gone, that’s why I need you to take care of him.

    -          Ravio, with all respect, why have you done this? - Asked Green- Albi knew what he had done to himself. It was not your responsibility to give the life he gave up on back by giving him yours.

    -          I know- He said- But all I want is to help him. I am fine with the decision I took.

As they spoke, they could notice the boy’s hair slowly being conquered by the lighter shade.

    -          Now I understand…- He looked at the note- This was not for you. You wrote this for Albi.

    -          You are right.

    -          Ravio, we’ll we be able to have you back? I don’t know how things would work since you don’t have a heart.

    -          I am not sure either. I don’t think so.

Containing his tears, Engi hugged Ravio desperately.

    -          We’ll find a way, Ravio. We’ll find a way to have you back.

    -          We’ll do everything we can and more- Added Green.

    -          Thank you. I’ll miss you guys.

And as the sun set, the final step of the transition took place.


    -          Albi?

He held one of his temples.

    -          Does your head hurt? - Kept asking Engi.

    -          No… I… umm- He struggled- How did I get here? - He looked at his clothes- What am I wearing? - He took the scarf Ravio always wore in one of his hands, and soon noticed the hood hanging at his back- What is this?

    -          Albi---

    -          This is not my body, is it? - He looked at Engi as he bursted in tears- Why?

    -          Albi, don’t cry- Said Engi.

    -          I killed him…

    -          No! Don’t say that!

    -          He took my place!

As before, objects in the room began to float, some of them becoming flat.

    -          Uh! - Gasped Green- Ravio had telepathic powers?

    -          I’m not sure what kind of powers he was hiding, but he did this before- Engi held Albi’s hands- Please, calm down. Remember this is Ravio’s body. It’s not like yours! - He recalled the note the bunny boy left behind- Albi, Albi! Listen! - He handed the note in- Ravio left this for you. Read it.

    -          What?

    -          Just do it, please.



The crying boy took the note and opened it.

“I am deeply sorry, Mr. Hero. I know what I did will make you sad; forgive me. All I wanted was to give you back what you gave to me. You saved me and my people before, so this is the least I could do for you.

Please, be careful with your new abilities; they can be dangerous. It will take some time to get used to them.

    Oh, and remember: I love you too, Link.

    -          Ravio

The boy fell on his knees, saying no with just his head.

    -          Albi…

    -          Is there anything I can do to return his life to him? He did not deserve this. I ruined my life; I am not worthy of a second chance.

    -          It seems Ravio thought you were- Said Green- Make the best out of it, Albi. He cared profoundly about you. As of now, there’s nothing we can do to go back, but we’ll try to help you both out.

    -          Yes, Albi. Don’t worry- Said Engi- We’ll find a way. Once the others are back, we’ll talk to them about this.

    -          They could help us.

    -          If they found a way to help Twi, I am sure we can find out something.

Both boys showed their support.

    -          Thank you.

    -          Now, get up- Said Green, taking Albi by Ravio’s hands.

As he got up, Albi felt a shiver and quickly took away his hands from Green.

    -          Hey, are you okay?

    -          I don’t know- He looked at his hands- I had a vision when we touched.

    -          What kind of vision? - Asked Engi.

    -          Some guy named Vaati.

Green looked shocked.

    -          So that’s how Ravio knew everything…- Recalled Engi- He could read us when we touched.

    -          But it did not happen with you, Engi- Said Albi.

    -          That must be because of the gloves- Said Green.

    -          Undoubtedly, we have to find a way so you can learn how to control Ravio’s powers Albi. Now, let’s wait for the other guys.

    -          I’m sure they will have some stories of their own to tell once they are back, and they will also be surprised when they see you here, Albi.

    -          How will we tell them Ravio is gone?


Here ends Chapter 14 of Scattered Heart Chain

Kim-Suk Ley at deviantArt


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